My latest piece of flash-fiction “Fate of the Nameless Child” has been published by Australian zine “Antipodean Sci Fi”. Narration to follow soon!

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A bit of background on the story.

Fate of the Nameless Child” began as a longer piece of work several years ago; a multi-chapter, multi-perspective narrative and commentary on how people fear the unknown ‘thing’, the unknown ‘one’. Themes of attempting to understand, contain, destroy are explored more deeply in the original.

I shopped it around to several publishing houses to no avail; some lovely feedback on the tone of voice and the themes in the longer form piece, which I am sure I will publish here one day so you can appreciate the full story and more of the characters who only get a passing mention in this version.

Who is the nameless child, and what is their fate?

Alistair, October 2020

p.s. Read my previous piece “Fallen Angel” also published by Antipodean SF.