Narration: A triple bill!

I’ve been a bit slack posting up narrations lately. Blame it on the ‘Rona.

So – here is a triple bill for you:

#1 Joanna Barrett’s story ‘Topek and Me’ takes you back to ancient Eqypt and appears at the 10min mark in the AntipodeanSF radio episode suitably named “Anubis“.

#2 Harry Tobias’ story “The Oldest Soldier” continues the time-travel-with-a-twist theme, and is at the 8’50” mark in the AntipodeanSF radio episode “Anza“.

#3 Matthew R. Doherty’s future-state war memo takes us over the horizon and tells us what we can do with our tactical nukes in this story “Lessons for a Battallion Commander in the Post-Event World” in the AntipodeanSF radio episode “Antwerpia“.

Desert Under Sunny Cloudy Blue Sky by Mustafa Ezz

Narration: Fate of the Nameless Child

In October 2020 my flash-fiction “Fate of the Nameless Child” was published in Australian zine “Antipodean Sci Fi“. Now, hear it come to life in my narration of this story in Nuke’s radio show at the link below.

Photo credit: Cedric at and Freestocks at

A bit of background on the story.

Fate of the Nameless Child” began as a longer piece of work several years ago; a multi-chapter, multi-perspective narrative and commentary on how people fear the unknown ‘thing’, the unknown ‘one’. Themes of attempting to understand, contain, destroy are explored more deeply in the original.

I shopped it around to several publishing houses to no avail; some lovely feedback on the tone of voice and the themes in the longer form piece, which I am sure I will publish here one day so you can appreciate the full story and more of the characters who only get a passing mention in this version.

Who is the nameless child, and what is their fate?

Alistair, October 2020

p.s. Read my previous piece “Fallen Angel” also published by Antipodean SF.