Narration: The Gods in their Galleries

New year, new narration – a three-part production of Rick Kennett’s “The Gods in their Galleries”, published by AntipodeanSF and broadcast on their radio program in late 2020/early 2021.

Part #1 Opens the scene with an arrival in a strange land, where things are out of place yet familiar. Listen to it in the AntipodeanSF radio episode named “Arawn“.

Part #2 Continues the journey, retracing memories and encounters, and is in the AntipodeanSF radio episode “Arcadia“.

The story climaxes in Part #3 with a night time encounter in the AntipodeanSF radio episode “Archieroy“.

Narration: The First Artifact to Reach the End of the Universe

Delighted to be able to read a story from Japanese sci-fi writer, Haneki Takayama (高山 羽根子). I’ve been a long time fan of the surreal fiction of Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹) and so the tone and style of this piece resonated with me.

It is presented here in English, having been translated by Toshiya Kamei, and features in the AntipodeanSF radio episode “Apophis“.

Look up, and wonder where your artifacts have gone to…


ここでは亀井敏也が翻訳した英語で紹介されており、AntipodeanSF "Apophis" に掲載されています。