Alistair Lloyd

Writing: Fallen Angel


Delighted to have my first piece of flash-fiction “Fallen Angel” published by Australian zine “Antipodean Sci Fi”, with a digital cover-art by me as well.

Fallen Angel – Digital photo manipulation – Alistair Lloyd, 2020

Stay tuned for the narration, coming soon…

So, some background on the story.

Fallen Angel” was written early in the Australian summer of 2018. Originally in a longer form, I took the challenge to present it as a piece of flash fiction.

Having been a space geek since my childhood, the concept of finding something in orbit that shouldn’t be there presented in my mind as a scientific who-dun-it mystery. When a nuclear weapon goes “missing”, there is a code phrase for that – a “broken arrow”. But when I researched what phrase would be used to identify the death of an astronaut while on a mission (as opposed to during launch or re-entry) I couldn’t find anything.

Not to say that there isn’t a phrase locked away in a procedural guide at NASA or ESA… it just is not known to the general populous.

Hence, “Fallen Angel”.

The narrating character is not named in the story. He has his own backstory, and his own methods, and further investigations which will hopefully be revealed in future stories.

Animation: Steampunk and Stone


A small animation in Blender 2.8 for my brother’s artisan business, Steampunk and Stone.

Collins Street, 5pm (2020 edition).


With passing apologies to the estate of the late, great artist John Brack. (original artwork of whose may be found at the NGV.)

Narration: Slower Than The Speed of Light


Narrated by me for author Kris Ashton and published by Antipodean Sci Fi. Link to audio available here.

Animation: Space Junk


Getting creative in my spare time, continue to chip away at learning “Blender”. Today, a quick animation entitled “Space Junk”.

Narration: when willie came home from the war hoorah hoorah


Delighted to read @BartMeehan’s story “when willie came home from the war hoorah hoorah” for @antipodeansf … now available online :


Escaped to the forest, curious about his surroundings. His face is no longer his own, but he doesn’t mind anymore. He’s free, and that’s all that matters.

Article: The digital disconnect


Another article commissioned by MBA alum Dr. Ryan Wallman from wellmark, exploring how constant connection with our digital devices risks making us physically present but emotionally absent with those that we love.

“Too much information, in our hands, all the time, can distance us from what really matters – establishing and maintaining relationships. “

Click on THIS LINK for an archived PDF of the article.

Article: Developing Talent in Shared Service Teams


Back in the early days of our MBA studies, fellow alum Brendan Moloney asked me to pen an article for his growing organisation, darlo.

An archived PDF copy of the article is found at THIS LINK.

Article: Avengers Assemble! Why senior superheros should fight together.


My first article for CIO of the Future, drawing up experience in banding together with other corporate leaders to bring about meaningful and sustainable change in an organisation

Original article on Ross Dawson’s site at THIS LINK

or, download a PDF at THIS LINK.