Last year we renovated our home office. This had been a very dark/mission brown environment. A recent trip to Latvia and Denmark inspired us to rebuild it as a white/light timber finish. 

The challenge we had was in find a desk to fit the space we’d designed. With Pinterest as a “I’m-not-sure-what-I-want-but-I’ll-know-when-I-see-it” inspiration, we found a long, trestle-supported table that looked perfect. The challenge was that no local retailers had such a piece. 

Having trawled IKEA several times, I figured that the path to take was to make one from ‘hacked’ pieces. We documented the result through the popular Ikea-Hackers website

The finished desk with equipment wired up
The finished desk and equipment and stationery cabinet (both reused IKEA bedroom furniture)
It fits! About 5mm either side with power outlets and cable conduit hidden underneath.
Trimmed down IKEA drawers repurposed as a combination of desk support and scanner storage
Trimming the sides of the drawers
Three coats of clear acrylic stain to seal and protect
Additional dowel joins were strengthened with hidden steel plays underneath
Cut had to be accurate and straight. Made a template guide to run the saw along.

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