Why your transformation will fail

Nope. It won’t work.

Whenever I see snazzy ‘gear’ diagrams like these ones – found in the wild on places like LinkedIn or glossy consultant presentations – two immediate reactions come to mind:

1) Those little green cogs at the bottom left and top right are going to cause everything to grind to a tooth-gnashing halt, and

2) Your transformation is going to fail.

(And don’t get me started on the indicative direction of the meshing cogs)

Article: The digital disconnect

Another article commissioned by MBA alum Dr. Ryan Wallman from wellmark, exploring how constant connection with our digital devices risks making us physically present but emotionally absent with those that we love.

“Too much information, in our hands, all the time, can distance us from what really matters – establishing and maintaining relationships. “

Click on THIS LINK for an archived PDF of the article.